The Neurobiotech Research Centre

Neurobiotech is a clinical research hub created by I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed and committed to the study of new perspectives on personalized health.

Tailoring prevention and therapies on the specific person, an ambitious program aiming to take healthcare a step further by changing the focus from the disease to the individual subjects, each one with its own characteristics.

Exploring the individual risk and reaction to therapies. In other words, matching medicine to the very health needs of the individual.

Research in this field needs a huge amount of information. Our aim is not just studying a large number of people, but approaching them in a completely innovative way. This is the great chapter of “Big Data”, to which other research fields will cooperate, such as neurocybernetics and advanced diagnostics, with the Cyberbrain project, and epigenetics, focused on the effects that the environment and lifestyle have on the expression of our genetic code.

Neurobiotech does not stop here; it is also a research “community”. A place where other Institutes, Universities, and Scientific Centres will be able to gather together and explore innovative routes. They will not only participate in the advancement of medical knowledge but will contribute to the cultural and economic growth of South Italy.