Cyber Brain

Talking about “personal health” means knowing the patient perfectly, one’s unique characteristics, which makes one different from everyone else; even one’s brain. This is the basis for the Cyber Brain, an integrated imaging and neurosurgery diagnostic platform funded by MIUR under the PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013 and which is a key pillar of the Polo Neurobiotech.

Advanced imaging techniques can make a fundamental contribution to the precision diagnosis of neurological disorders, improvement of surgical techniques, neuro-navigation systems and the location of the neuroprostheses.

A very important task will be the realization of human-machine interfaces (Brain Computer Interface – BCI and Human Computer Interface – HCI) for rehabilitation purposes. It is intended to study implantable devices and neuroprostheses that will be able to acquire information from the electrical activity of the brain and transmit it to the computer. These devices, constantly monitoring the brain activity of the patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, will allow an increasingly accurate diagnosis. There is also another goal: to control the prosthetics of people who have been amputated or who are paralyzed. Neuroprosthetics, rehabilitative robotics, human computer interfaces, robotic surgery, telediagnosis and telecontrol will be a real opportunity to be at the service of the individual in tomorrow’s medicine. All the data collected under the Cyber brain project will also enrich the Big Data legacy of the Neurobiotech Polo. This will allow an ever greater diagnostic and therapeutic precision for patients suffering with pathologies requiring sophisticated neurosurgical interventions.