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Press Conference Neurobiotech

The Neurobiotech project is presented to the international media during a Press conference that occurred on 2 April 2014, 14:00 at European Parliament – Bruxelles, Room PHSA50.

Chairman: Aldo Patriciello, MEP

Moderator: Declan Kirrane, ISC Intelligence in Science


Jacopo MeldolesiChief Scientific Officer Neurobiotech Project

Paolo di Laura FratturaPresident of Molise Region

Gianmaria PalmieriRector of University of Molise

Luigi FratiRector of University of Roma “Sapienza”

Carla AndreaniUniversity of Roma “Tor Vergata”, Rector Delegate for Research Infrastructures

Antonio SimeoneCNR President Delegate – IGB Director

Emilia BelfioreHead of R&D Office Neuromed


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